Focuses on macro issues such as market orientation, segmentation, targeting and positioning and their strategic implications within the context of customer, competitor and context analysis. Emphasizes analytical and managerial decision tools for creating competitive advantage, and the similarities and differences in domestic and global marketing. Also examines how digital transformation has influenced the role of analytics in today's hyper competitive organization. Also focuses on the micro topics used to execute and implement strategies learned in the first part of the course. Covers the marketing mix (4Ps), namely pricing, product, promotion and place, and examines how these tools could be used to add value to firms in an international setting, and how they could be effectively applied to create, price, communicate and deliver value to customers and important stakeholders using quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Course content

  • Marketing at macro and micro economies of scale
  • Strategic positioning
  • Investment in marketing, branding and communications
  • Customer experience and retention
  • Competitor analysis and competitive advantage

  • Digital transformation on data analytics
  • Increased pace of changing market trends
  • Strategic pricing
  • Products or services
  • Promotion across global markets
  • Choosing the best tools to bolster marketability of products and services
  • Product adoption within the market
  • Valuation of product or service by customers, clients and stakeholders
  • Evaluation of product or service over time and changing market trends

Faculty curators

Thunderbird Associate Dean and Professor Seigyoung Auh

Seigyoung Auh

Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Global Marketing & Research Faculty, Center for Services Leadership
Thunderbird Asst Professor of Global Digital Marketing Man Xie

Man Xie

Assistant Professor of Global Digital Marketing