Custom Programs for Organizations

Custom Programs for Organizations

Businesses today compete in a global marketplace characterized by some combination of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Thunderbird Executive Education partners with companies of all sizes – from new entrants to established multinationals – to create customized, integrated talent development experiences that sharpen performance and improve organizational capability.

No matter what the level of talent in your pipeline, we can provide a framework for success.

Based on your talent development priorities, Thunderbird can design and deliver a range of custom learning experiences:

  • Multi-day engagements for a targeted population
  • Multi-modular formats, spread over time or regions, across an entire organization
  • Custom corporate executive degree programs
  • Hybrid programs that blend online and in-person modules

Thunderbird partners with enterprises of all sizes, industries, and sectors to offer integrated talent development experiences to sharpen performance and improve organizational capacity.


How We Work

  • Analyze: Identify needs, objectives, root causes
  • Develop: Bespoke experiential learning programs
  • Execute: Immersive experiences to inspire and implement
  • Measure: Impact on business, translate courses into business
  • Witness: Deep and ongoing learning- becoming embedded in your company

How we serve you

Every client interaction begins with a consultative needs assessment to understand the unique learning and development priorities of each partnering organization. Programs are then designed by employing a strategic mix of carefully calibrated learning methods, such as action-oriented learning activities, customized simulations, and coaching, to enhance knowledge retention long after the program.

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Helping you create impact

At Thunderbird, the goal of every customized learning engagement is to ensure participants learn new ideas that make sense for their unique context, and embed those new ideas in their work in ways that create value and impact for the organization. When we say impact, we mean the effect that the learning has on cognitive and behavioral change, leading to the enhanced skills, capabilities and results necessary to achieve your organization’s strategic goals.