Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management

Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management

Course Fee: $2,300 (USD)
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Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 3.0 CEUs
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In this era of increased industry consolidation and heightened competition, the dynamics of international business are in full force. 

Thunderbird's Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management is designed to provide you with a well-rounded, global understanding of the ever-changing oil and gas industry.

This Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management focuses on the business of the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream segments of the industry. You will have the opportunity to analyze and understand global oil and gas strategies and position your organization as a leader in this dynamic, global competitive landscape. Immerse yourself in this online certificate and gain a thorough understanding of today’s global energy marketplace and how it directly relates you as an integral part of the overall oil and gas value chain.

Who should enroll

Thunderbird’s Executive Education is geared toward business associates and emerging leaders who require a well-rounded business education.

Potential participants include:

  • Working Professionals — Improve your marketability in today's competitive global marketplace
  • Experienced Executives — Further expand your knowledge in a specific business focus area
  • Potential Degree Candidates — Get a sample of the top-ranked Thunderbird degree curriculum

Curriculum Highlights

The Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management is divided into five content categories:

  • Global Oil & Gas: Value Chain and Geopolitics of Oil
  • The Upstream: Exploration, Development and Production
  • The Midstream: Markets and Transportation
  • The Downstream: Refining and Marketing
  • The Future Oil & Gas Industry

Your certificate is composed of 12 modules developed by Thunderbird faculty and delivered via the Thunderbird learning environment. Each module runs approximately 120 minutes.

Certificate format

  • Pre-assessment questions to test your knowledge of the provided book chapter(s).
  • Interactive exercises and business case studies that actively engage you and reinforce content.
  • Video presentations by Thunderbird faculty and subject matter experts.
  • Real-world business challenges for you to experience and address global business issues.
  • Post-assessment questions to test your knowledge of the topics covered in the module.

To earn the certificate of completion, participants must:

  • Complete all requirements as outlined in each program syllabus
  • Complete the End-of-Course Assessment with a score of 70% or higher
  • Complete the End-of-Course Survey
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Thunderbird’s world-renowned faculty are hands-on professors with real world experience in working with global institutions and in international markets. Cultural nuances, regional regulations, emerging markets and global teams are part of working for an organization that operates globally. Thunderbird faculty help you learn what to expect and how to deal with the unexpected.

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