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Project Artemis Afghanistan

Project Artemis is a unique program that trains Afghan women entrepreneurs in business skills. With a total of 74 graduates since 2005, the program aims to build the entrepreneurial skills of promising Afghan businesswomen, enabling them to return to Afghanistan to create and grow sustainable businesses. Mentors assigned to each participant provide additional support as the women return home to establish or expand their companies. Other participants use their new business knowledge to succeed within civil society. Project Artemis graduates have returned to Afghanistan to run successful businesses that have created over 2,500 jobs for their local communities, and have trained and mentored well over 15,000 of their fellow Afghan citizens in business and leadership skills.

The multiplier effect of Project Artemis can be seen in the jobs created, the knowledge shared and the examples set for future generations. “I want to make these women rich,” says Thunderbird for Good Executive Director Kellie Kreiser. “If they have money, they will use it to create jobs, improve lives and break down barriers.”

"As an Afghan woman, I want to affirm that a woman is capable of holding a cradle in one hand and the world in the other."

–Najiba Faiz
2010 Project Artemis Afghanistan graduate

Project Artemis 2016

What Who Cost
Women selected for this program will receive two weeks of entrepreneurship training in the form of classes by top professors, visits to American businesses and personal mentoring on their businesses. Some of the course topics during the training include: marketing, financial reporting, business strategy, negotiation skills and leadership. All classes and materials for this program will be presented in both English and Dari. Up to 15 Afghan women entrepreneurs of at least 18 years of age who are either currently running a business or intend to start a business in Afghanistan will be selected to attend Project Artemis in February of 2016. Participants are selected on the basis of their experience, passion for business, demonstrated business knowledge and the strength of their business or idea. There is no cost to the participants. Full scholarships to the program are awarded. This includes air transportation from Afghanistan to the United States, lodging, food, visa expenses and course materials for the duration of the program.

Note: The application deadline for Project Artemis 2016 has passed.

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To learn more, contact Project Manager Wynona Heim at artemis.tbird@asu.edu.