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Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Africa’s Transformation and Growth
February 27, 2019
The continent of Africa has often been invisible in the annals of history. There are few, sporadic mentions of Africa’s technological prowess, save for the Great Kingdom of Mali, the Great Pyramids...Read more

Thunderbird and ASU Join UN’s Global Compact Network USA as Official Academic Partner
February 26, 2019
Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan created the U.N. Global Compact (UNGC) 18 years ago to align corporations on 10 universal sustainability principles and give globalization a...Read more

Here’s What Trump Needs To Learn About Immigration
February 7, 2019
To get an unbiased opinion on the complicated question of immigration, I asked Harvard’s Bill Kerr for his take on the migrant caravan, Trump, and how talent immigrants fit into global innovation...Read more

Thunderbird and the American Express Leadership Academy: Teaching Leadership, One NGO at a Time
January 23, 2019
Every year, Thunderbird and American Express host the American Express Leadership Academy. The Academy takes emerging leaders from non-profit/non-governmental organizations and helps them become more...Read more

Larry Fink: Greed Was Good; Purpose Is Better
January 23, 2019
Larry Fink, founder and chief executive of the world’s largest money manager, is freaking out. His 2019 letter admonishing CEOs to start thinking beyond their bottom lines led Barron’s to call him “...Read more

The 12 Biggest Business Stories of 2018
December 26, 2018
Chief Executive Magazine looks back over a tumultuous and disruptive year for business. The list of things that mattered the most starts with Trump, Bezos, and Musk, not surprisingly.Read more

New Research Finds It’s Outcomes – Not Solutions – That Sell
January 25, 2019
The B2B sales routine used to go like this: A prospective customer would describe the challenge s/he faced. The sales rep would look at his/her company’s current offerings and present a solution to...Read more

The Secrets of Negotiation: 4 Tips to Become More Effective
December 28, 2018
Think of all the times in your career that you’ve had to negotiate – with your employer or employees, with clients, with partners. From salary to sales agreements, negotiating is a critical skill...Read more

Google’s CEO Makes Friends On Capitol Hill, Enemies At Headquarters
December 17, 2018
Those looking for a thoughtful debate on technology found they tuned into the wrong channel. The Congressional hearing was more of an SNL skit about political posturing.Read more

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Keep Your Business Booming: Five Keys to Small Business Success
September 17, 2018
Being a small business owner in the United States is hard work. No matter what comes your way, you and your employees are all you have. Some factors are beyond your control and can make the brass...Read more

Teaching a Child to Count:  4 Ways to Raise a Budding Entrepreneur
September 4, 2018
I’ve got two kiddos - 5 and 2 years old - with one on the way. It’s always been a goal of mine as a parent to teach them about entrepreneurship to best prepare them for life. Why? Entrepreneurship...Read more

Immigrant Mentality
August 17, 2018
To succeed as an entrepreneur, or employee, or leader – be more like an immigrant.Read more

Prof. Gamso: Too Soon to Declare USMCA Winners & Losers
October 11, 2018
After a year of negotiations, the United States, Mexico, and Canada have agreed to a trade deal that will replace NAFTA. President Trump hailed the new agreement, creatively named the U.S.-Mexico-...Read more

American Healthcare Companies Expand Globally
June 15, 2018
It’s well-known around the world that despite its many breakthrough technologies and advances in healthcare, the United States lags behind other countries when it comes to coverage, cost, and quality...Read more

Build Your Skills (and Avoid the Blooper Reel) in Global Marketing
March 1, 2018
Global marketing gaffes get plenty of attention in their re-telling – from Pampers in Japan to Coca-Cola in Saudi Arabia ­­– but there are also heaps of global marketing success stories. Which...Read more

Can Development Aid Reduce International Migration?
October 16, 2018
In response to concerns about immigration, Western governments are increasingly turning to foreign aid as a solution, reasoning that aid addresses root causes, deterring migration by encouraging...Read more

October 10, 2018
Life has its interesting turns and twists, and sometimes gives you a rare chance to pay forward for the generous gifts you have received in the past. This was very apparent to me during the campus...Read more

To Give or Not to Give: The Office Gift Season
December 10, 2018
A recent survey found that 41 percent of employees say that the number one holiday gift they want from their boss this year is a holiday bonus. However, 46 percent say that holiday bonuses are not...Read more

Gifts not gaffes
November 26, 2018
They say with gifts it's the thought that counts. That's not always the case with cross-cultural gift giving. The wrong gift could send a very wrong message. For most business leaders, the ROI of...Read more

Why is Generation Z so depressed?
October 22, 2018
A leading moral psychologist traces the political anger and anxiety of Generation Z to well meaning — but hyper — parenting. Read more