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Thunderbird Global Speaker Series: How will AI and Blockchain Change Everything?
May 30, 2019
The future isn’t a fixed destination. It is a place we are all going to together and we all play a role in drawing the maps that will help us get there safely. That was underlying message during a...Read more

Can Soccer’s Revival  Survive England’s Retreat from Globalization?
April 26, 2019
Cronkite Professor explores how sports can offer a sliver of hope in a post-Brexit world In 2016 on the eve of the Brexit referendum in the UK, Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore,...Read more

Thunderbirds Leading in the 4th Industrial Revolution
April 25, 2019
In November, Sanjeev Khagram, Thunderbird’s Dean and Director General, outlined the political, environmental, and technological challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The following...Read more

TBird Kim Williams
June 10, 2019
The incredible professional career of Kim Williams, Warner Bros. Entertainment executive vice president and chief financial officer, is a series of bold, confident steps into the unknown. Life, she...Read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Mentor Relationship
May 1, 2019
When students arrive at Thunderbird School of Global Management, it’s a given that they are about to begin a course of study that will empower them in the world of international business and start...Read more

 It Takes Determination to Make English a  Global Tool for Corporate Growth
April 1, 2019
Most meetings that Keiko Claassen attends at ITT Motion Technologies are held in English. Even though her company is based in Italy and she’s Dutch and works near Rotterdam, every senior staffer is...Read more

Thunderbird Strikes Innovative Partnership with Dignity Health to Train Global Healthcare Leaders
June 5, 2019
We all know the importance of healthcare services on a personal level. When one of us, or a family member, becomes ill, we need access to the most qualified, well-equipped clinicians and we need to...Read more

Thunderbird Partners with Freeport-McMoRan  to Amplify Power of Women in Business
April 11, 2019
Academy for Women Entrepreneurs to reach 26 countries At the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, attendees heard what has become an annual refrain: the underrepresentation of women in business...Read more

Thunderbird Professors Honored for Global Business Research
April 4, 2019

Two Thunderbird professors have received honors recently for up and coming academic research and for their body of work over several decades. 

...Read more


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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Space Exploration
May 9, 2019
In today’s business world, innovation is considered the key to longevity. The idea of venturing into the unknown to explore new frontiers – whether that means seeking out new markets or new product...Read more

Sushi, Sake, and a the Art of Being An International Entrepreneur
March 26, 2019
Around the time Ken Valvur arrived at Thunderbird in 1987, Japan’s economy was the envy of the world. Japan was sitting on the largest cache of wealth ever assembled. The Tokyo Stock Exchange...Read more

Keep Your Business Booming: Five Keys to Small Business Success
September 17, 2018
Being a small business owner in the United States is hard work. No matter what comes your way, you and your employees are all you have. Some factors are beyond your control and can make the brass...Read more

Prof. Gamso: Too Soon to Declare USMCA Winners & Losers
October 11, 2018
After a year of negotiations, the United States, Mexico, and Canada have agreed to a trade deal that will replace NAFTA. President Trump hailed the new agreement, creatively named the U.S.-Mexico-...Read more

American Healthcare Companies Expand Globally
June 15, 2018
It’s well-known around the world that despite its many breakthrough technologies and advances in healthcare, the United States lags behind other countries when it comes to coverage, cost, and quality...Read more

Build Your Skills (and Avoid the Blooper Reel) in Global Marketing
March 1, 2018
Global marketing gaffes get plenty of attention in their re-telling – from Pampers in Japan to Coca-Cola in Saudi Arabia ­­– but there are also heaps of global marketing success stories. Which...Read more

Project Dreamcatcher
May 24, 2019
Lydelle Davies is a member of the Navajo nation and a recent graduate of Project DreamCatcher, a one-week business training program for Native American women funded by Freeport-McMoRan and...Read more

Can Development Aid Reduce International Migration?
October 16, 2018
In response to concerns about immigration, Western governments are increasingly turning to foreign aid as a solution, reasoning that aid addresses root causes, deterring migration by encouraging...Read more

October 10, 2018
Life has its interesting turns and twists, and sometimes gives you a rare chance to pay forward for the generous gifts you have received in the past. This was very apparent to me during the campus...Read more

To Give or Not to Give: The Office Gift Season
December 10, 2018
A recent survey found that 41 percent of employees say that the number one holiday gift they want from their boss this year is a holiday bonus. However, 46 percent say that holiday bonuses are not...Read more

Gifts not gaffes
November 26, 2018
They say with gifts it's the thought that counts. That's not always the case with cross-cultural gift giving. The wrong gift could send a very wrong message. For most business leaders, the ROI of...Read more

Why is Generation Z so depressed?
October 22, 2018
A leading moral psychologist traces the political anger and anxiety of Generation Z to well meaning — but hyper — parenting. Read more