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Consulting Lab Projects

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Consulting Lab Projects

Students Head to Ecuador for Consulting Project

April 16, 2018

Marissa Garay, a current Master of Arts in Global Affairs & Management student from Mexico City, will be part of Thunderbird's Global Consulting Laboratory (GCL) in Ecuador this summer. She will spend her summer at a project-based capstone course that involves a three-week immersion in this... read more

Applied Learning Can Land You a Job (and Help You Keep It)

Applied Learning Can Land You a Job (and Help You Keep It)

March 1, 2018

In a Wall Street Journal survey of nearly 900 executives, 92% of respondents said soft skills were equally as or more important than technical skills. Nowhere is that truer than in global business. In a world characterized by constant change, soft skills are essential prerequisites for business more

Peer Learning v. Professor-Knows-All

Peer Learning v. Professor-Knows-All

February 1, 2018

When put that way – peer learning v. professor-knows-all – it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want the latter approach. Indeed, we wrote in Peer Learning: Collaboration over Competition that a peer learning approach “builds the ‘real-world’ skillsets that employers are looking for. And, it’s more fun.” Yet it is not peer-to-peer learning alone that is the most effective way to more

The Grownup Study Abroad Program

January 29, 2018

It's never too late to learn by doing. And for people planning to make a career in global business, spending time abroad can be an essential more

Rising up after the fight

Rising up after the Fight

September 23, 2017

TEM Lab - Fall, 2017 Romania, Taparo Written by Amy Titus Photos by Jeff Webb “Our ability to handle life's challenges is a measure of our strength of character.”- Les Brown The last five weeks have been a gratifying experience for us. Through the travels we have made and the people we have met, we... read more

TEM Nigeria

A Letter to Professor Hunsaker from Nigeria

September 22, 2017

TEM Lab - Fall, 2018 Nigeria, CEDVS Written by Team Ubuntu (Rachel An, Fungai Mandaza, Craig Pearson) Dear Professor Hunsaker and the TEM Lab Team, We cannot thank you and your team enough for all the work you have done to ensure that our TEM Lab projects become a success. Team Ubuntu (Rachal An,... read more

Self-Disrupt or Be Disrupted

September 22, 2017

TEM Lab - Fall, 2017 Romania, Montana Written by Nate Flake Our Final Week Team Montana here from our final week in Romania and it has been one for the books. We were able to finish everything we wanted to do here both in and out of the office. The final presentation to Montana MG went great. We... read more

Our team with Mr. Filip, professors from the Business University in Cluj, and members of the Board of Directors of Taparo

T-birds Consult for IKEA's Romanian Furniture Manufacturer

September 21, 2017

TEM Lab - Fall, 2017 Romania, Taparo Written by Jeff Webb October 4, 2017 During our time in Romania we were working for the company Taparo, the third largest furniture manufacturer for IKEA in Romania. Our project with Taparo involved evaluating an existing business case that Taparo has created... read more

The road to capitalism isn't straight, but it gets there.

Communism and the Road to Capitalism

September 14, 2017

TEM Lab - Fall, 2017 Romania, Taparo Written by Jeff Webb & Amy Titus During our time in Romania, we have had many discussions with locals about culture, history, and business. However, the topic that comes up more often than not is communism and its history in Romania. This is mostly because... read more

The More You Learn the Less You Know

September 14, 2017

TEM Lab - Fall, 2017 Romania, Montana Written by Nate Flake We are hitting the home stretch as we come into week four at Montana MG here in Campulung, Romania. This past weekend we took to the road as we spent almost 15 hours between two days in the car traveling to see some of Romania’s famous... read more