Over the past 60 years, advances in digital Information Technology (IT) have enabled organizations to develop increasingly sophisticated digital systems that provide comprehensive real-time information and enable business innovation across strategy, processes, products and services. Today, almost every enterprise process across sectors is enabled by, and often dependent upon, digital technologies. IT has moved far beyond the support and automation of back office clerical activities into the frontier of being a key enabler of innovations in competitive strategy, product/service design, process redesign, and disruptive new value creation. 

This course will help learners develop an informed understanding about effectively managing the identification, acquisition, deployment, adoption and use of appropriate information and digital technology resources that enable business innovation, culminating in the realization of business value. This understanding will be situated within the broader global context of digital disruption and its often asymmetric or unintended impacts. The overarching goal is to develop capabilities in questioning and critical thinking in this area fundamental for sustainable competitive success in the 21st century. 


Course content

  • Digital Innovation
  • Value Creation through digital solutions
  • Acquisition of Digital Resources
  • Adoption of New Technologies
  • Business Value 
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Product/Service design
  • Process Redesign

Faculty curators

Thunderbird Vice Dean and Professor of Global Digital Transformation Dr Charla Griffy-Brown

Charla Griffy-Brown

Acting Dean, Director General and Professor of Global Digital Transformation
Thunderbird Asst Professor of Global Transformation Ziru Li

Ziru Li

Asst Professor of Global Transformation
Marco Serrato Headshot

Marco Serrato

Associate Vice President, ASU Learning Enterprise