Suzanne Peterson

One Arizona Center
MC 1221
400 E Van Buren Ste. 800
Associate Professor of Management Leadership


Suzanne Peterson is an associate professor of leadership. She is focused on bringing her leadership expertise and content to Thunderbird’s executive education clients as well as the growing graduate student base. She has previously served as faculty director of executive education at Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business where she served as a liaison between industry and academia. Although she advises senior executives in a variety of industry sectors, the majority of her time has been spent on Wall Street and other financial services firms. She has advised leaders in firms such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Societe Generale, Fidelity, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Avnet, McDonalds, State Farm, and Microsoft to name a few.

Her consulting and coaching leverages the theory that excellence in leadership consists of routines and behaviors that can easily be taught. Emphasizing leadership style, effective communication, and relationship building as keys to leadership success, she works with leaders to provide them the tools to deliver excellent business results while concurrently inspiring exceptional levels of loyalty and followership. She is a sought after speaker, and winner of multiple teaching awards, research awards and grants.

Functionally, she has extensive experience working with leadership in the C-Suite. Given her interest and experience in leadership development and talent assessment, she also has worked closely with the human resources function to ensure excellence in design and ROI of leadership development initiatives. 

Her long-standing tenure with Arizona State University makes her ideally poised to leverage Thunderbird’s vast executive education experience and expert faculty with the diverse and multi-faced strengths within the larger ASU community.


  • Ph.D. University of Nebraska 2001
  • M.B.A., University of Nebraska 1997
  • B.A. University of Southern California 1995


Research Interests

Research Interests

CEO leadership traits and behaviors; Leadership and emotions; Neuropsychological origins of leadership; Psychological capital; Predictors of individual, team, and organizational performance

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive/CEO Leadership
  • Leadership Presence/Style
  • Innovative Leadership
  • Change Leadership and Decision Making
  • Leadership Communication

Research Group

Representative Publications

  • Reina, C. S., Peterson, S. J., & Zhang. Z. (2017). Negative implications of CEO family-to-work conflict on firm performance: The role of decision-making comprehensiveness.  Organization Science.
  • Byron, K., Peterson, S. J., Zhang, Z., & LePine, J. (2017). Realizing Challenges and Guarding Against Threats: Interactive Effects of Regulatory Focus and Stress on Performance on work motivation and performance. Journal of Management.
  • Reina, C. S, Zhang, Z., & Peterson, S. J. (2014).  CEO grandiose narcissism and firm performance: The role of organizational identification. Leadership Quarterly, 25, 958-971.
  • Peterson, S. J., Galvin, B. J., & Lange, D. 2012.  CEO servant leadership:  Exploring executive characteristics and firm performance, Personnel Psychology,65, 565-596.
  • Zhang, Z., & Peterson, S. J.  (2011).  Advice networks in teams:  The role of transformational leadership and members' core self-evaluations. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96. 1004-1017.


Fall 2020
Course Number Course Title
TGM 545 Global Leadership & Strategy
TGM 549 Global Leadership
Spring 2020
Course Number Course Title
TGM 489 Mltntnl Organizational Ldrshp
Fall 2019
Course Number Course Title
TGM 540 ManagingPeople:GlobalPerspctv
TGM 545 Global Leadership and Strategy
Fall 2018
Course Number Course Title
TGM 504 Managing Org Glbl Perspective
TGM 540 ManagingPeople:GlobalPerspctv
Fall 2017
Course Number Course Title
TGM 540 ManagingPeople:GlobalPerspctv
Spring 2017
Course Number Course Title
TGM 504 Managing Org Glbl Perspective
MGT 591 Seminar
MGT 792 Research
Fall 2016
Course Number Course Title
MGT 792 Research
MGT 799 Dissertation
Spring 2016
Course Number Course Title
MGT 411 Leading Organizations
MGT 493 Honors Thesis
MGT 520 High-Impact Leadership
MGT 591 Seminar
MGT 792 Research
MGT 799 Dissertation


  • Recipient, W.P. Carey MBA Outstanding Teacher Award, 2012
  • Nominee, Associated Students of ASU Centennial Professor Award.



Editorial Review Board Member, Personnel Psychology and Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Work History

Arizona State University: 2006-present. Previous Appointments: Miami University.