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Earn Your Master's in Applied Leadership & Management

More than ever, the world needs leaders. Sharpen your skills in Thunderbird’s Master of Applied Leadership & Management (Online) program (MALM), a unique online degree taught by Thunderbird's world-class professors. The MALM is designed to explore leadership and management and delivers the highest quality graduate education in an affordable format. The MALM combines Thunderbird’s prestigious tradition of graduate education with cutting-edge technology to deliver a transformative graduate degree.

Join students from around the world in the Master of Applied Leadership & Management (Online) program and become part of the globally connected Thunderbird alumni network that opens doors and opportunities.

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Admission Requirements

  • Resume documenting work experience
  • Proof of English proficiency if you did not graduate from an English-speaking university in a native English-speaking country (TOEFL of 80, IELTS of 6.5, Pearson Test of English of 60, Duolingo 105)
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended undergraduate and graduate institutions, validating the completion of a four-year degree


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Our preferred work experience duration is at least 2 years.

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Domestic application fee: $70
International application fee: $70

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Domestic & international enrollment deposit: $0

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Please send transcripts to Arizona State University.

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Spring 2021 - January Start
December 18, 2020 Application Deadline
January 11, 2021 Classes Start
Summer 2020 - May Start
April 30, 2020 Application Deadline
May 18, 2020 Classes Start
Fall 2020 - August Start
July 31, 2020 Application Deadline
August 20, 2020 Classes Start

*Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Recommended application processing time is 6 weeks.

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Online Master of Applied Leadership & Management

All degree programs and certificates are directly influenced by the Thunderbird mission:

“We educate global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide.”

Required Credits: 30 

TAM 505 Managing the Global & Regional Business Environment (3) Globalization has dramatically expanded opportunities for international trade, investment, and economic development, but potential trade disputes, international financial crises, political risks, international environmental regulations, and ethical dilemmas in global business have also emerged. In the first part of the course, we will develop analytical tools for understanding the rapidly changing and dynamic global business environment, especially in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution. With these tools, managers will be better prepared to manage risks and take advantage of opportunities in the global economy. The second part of this course deals with the Regional Business Environment. The course begins with a brief geographical, demographic, and cultural overview of the region, and develops tools for analysis useful to assessing the Latin American business environment. While the emphasis is Latin America, the same tools could be applied to any region of the world.

TAM 511 Global Accounting: Managing with Numbers (3) This course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of financial accounting and managerial accounting in a global environment.  Financial accounting focuses on providing useful information to users for external decision making. By understanding the structure and process of preparing a balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows, students learn how to interpret, analyze and evaluate domestic and international companies.  Managerial accounting focuses on providing useful information for internal decision making.  By identifying and understanding different types of cost information, students learn how to utilize and prepare cost-volume-profit analysis, relevant cost analysis, activity-based costing and performance evaluation within global organizations.

TAM 521 Financial Value Creation for Leaders (3) Covers fundamental theories and practices of modern financial management within a market-oriented framework. Develops analytical skills for sound decision making and management. Emphasizes practical applications and equips learners with tools necessary for making investment and financing decisions and corporate valuation. Learning is achieved via problem-solving, lectures, case analysis, and discussions.

TAM 530 Leading Digital & Data Decision Making (3) The course includes global examples across industries and how leaders make managerially relevant decisions based on data. We explore how companies benefit from a digital ecosystem including sensors (IoT), Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR) that move data-driven insights from the data scientist to the boardroom. We examine implications for customer relationship management, privacy, security, and global government regulation that are shaping and are shaped by the democratization of data. The course examines the importance of data visualizations and dashboarding for decision making that transform mere data into information and insight. We identify how to be a more effective diagnostic leader in a data-rich world, identifying opportunities to improve business performance.

TAM 541 Strategy in a Competitive World (3) Focuses on choices that have an impact on the performance of the entire organization or business start up. Includes the problems faced by, and the decisions made by, executive leaders who have to balance the needs and expectations of stakeholders including customers, shareholders and employees with the requirements of local country practices and government regulations. Analyzes problems and decisions from the point of view of the founder, general manager or chief executive who has responsibility for the welfare of the entire organization. By focusing on policy decisions, concerns the choice of goals as well as the organization; management and deployment of scarce resources to pursue these goals within the context of an imperfect, changing and competitive world.

TAM 557 Global Marketing Strategy & Management (3) In the first part of the course, we focus on macro issues such as market orientation, segmentation, targeting, and positioning and their strategic implications within the context of customer, competitor and context analysis. Emphasis is placed on analytical and managerial decision tools for creating competitive advantage, and the similarities and differences in domestic and global marketing. We will also examine how digital transformation has influenced the role of analytics in today’s hyper competitive organization. In the second part, we focus on the micro topics used to execute and implement strategies learned in the first part of the course. We will cover the marketing mix (4Ps), namely pricing, product, promotion, and place, and examine how these tools could be used to add value to firms in an international setting, and how they could be effectively applied to create, price, communicate, and deliver value to customers and important stakeholders using quantitative and qualitative analyses.

TAM 582 Communicating & Negotiating in a Dynamic World (3) The objective of this course is to help improve your global mindset and your negotiation skills.  We will achieve this goal by focusing on cross-cultural issues communication issues and negotiation in cross-cultural environments.  The course will provide an in-depth examination of culture, its managerial implications and negotiation.  We will explore various methodologies to understand and measure national cultures.   We will then embark on a rigorous and practical journey to examine the impact of national culture, no matter how it is measured, on communication dynamics in a cross cultural environment and will focus on specific skill sets to help you succeed in such situations.

TAM 542 Global Leadership & PersonalDevelopment (3) Personal leadership development is optimized by grounded reflection, self-knowledge and continuous learning as we interact with others. Therefore, the personal development part of this course cultivates introspective and skill-building competencies that include conceptual grounding that is based in an experiential learning focus. Discusses self- and other-awareness and engages in group/team interaction, as well as conducts individual self-assessments and individual feedback. In addition to developing ourselves at the personal level, developing ourselves as leaders at the organizational level is imperative to sustainability of the company.

Thunderbird Applied Learning I and II (a minimum of 6 credits) Candidates for the MALM program are required to successfully complete a minimum of six credit hours of course work selected from the list of courses below. These competitive courses are designed to offer candidates an opportunity to apply the full range of professional skills acquired during their MGM studies, and serve all sectors: governmental, private and NGO/nonprofit.

1. TGM 5XX: Thunderbird Applied Learning I and II (3), (e.g. Global Field Seminars)

2. TGM 5XX: Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory (3)

3. TGM 5XX: Global Organizational Consulting (3), (online)

4. TGM 5XX: The Global Business Plan (3), (online)

Candidates may use a combination of courses to meet the requirement.


Note: All Applied Learning courses listed above will not be offered every term.