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About the Partnership

Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE), a leading healthcare workforce development company, has joined forces with Thunderbird to create an innovative approach to training future-ready leaders in global healthcare. 

This partnership brings together real-world case studies and thought leaders from the largest not-for-profit healthcare provider in the U.S., one of DHGE’s parent companies, and the number one university in the U.S. for innovation with the world’s number one ranked Master’s in Management. 

The partners are uniquely positioned to deliver a high-quality program that is deeply rooted in demonstrable management practices and real-life healthcare needs: Thunderbird contributes a long legacy of leadership and education, a global reach, an online educational platform, and a transdisciplinary ecosystem within ASU, the number one school in the U.S. for innovation.  Through its parent company, Dignity Health, DHGE offers best practices in training and education, expertise in healthcare technology, and a legacy of delivering healthcare services on an international basis.

Master of Global Management in Healthcare Services

The number one Master’s in Management in the world has been customized for healthcare professionals to form this unique Master of Global Management in Healthcare Services. The program will explore numerous areas needed to shape nimble, innovative and creative healthcare leaders. The subject matter covers the impact of decentralization on delivery of healthcare services, the future of healthcare services, how to adapt to changing stakeholder needs, the impact and opportunities of technology, and a wide range of healthcare-related business content. Thunderbird’s renowned global management curriculum tailored for healthcare will be augmented by courses from ASU’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.  

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Certificate in Innovation in Healthcare Management

This eight-week online course will empower healthcare industry professionals — from senior executives to aspiring managers — to facilitate effective environments and deliver results from new innovations. The curriculum benefits from the combined expertise of the number one Most Innovative School in the U.S. and Dignity Health, who are part of the largest not-for-profit healthcare provider in the U.S. and one of DHGE’s parent companies.

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