Glenn Fong

Clinical Associate Professor of Global Studies & Academic Director of MAGAM Program


Associate Professor of Global Studies

Areas of Expertise:
Technology, trade and industrial policies of the U.S., Japan and China, Government/
business relations, International political economy, International Development

Global Affairs Theory: Power & Principle, States & Markets in the Global Economy, Technology Policy & Entrepreneurship

Glenn R. Fong, Ph.D., is an associate professor of global studies at Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is also the academic director of the school’s Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Management.

His areas of expertise include technology, global trade and industrial policies of the U.S.,
Japan and China, government and business relations and international political economy.
Of Chinese-American ancestry, Dr. Fong has contributed a lengthy list of commentaries
and monographs for some of the industry’s most respected professional and academic
periodicals. Included on the list of his contributions are Business and Politics, Issues
in Science and Technology, International Security, International Studies Quarterly,
Comparative Politics, and the Journal of Policy Analysis & Management. In 1996, Dr. Fong
authored “Export Dependence vs. the New Protectionism: Trade Policy in the Industrial

In his published works, Dr. Fong has explored such global subject areas as the strategic
reorientation of U.S. industrial policy, export dependence vs. protectionism, U.S.
Pentagon-industry collaboration in technology development, international competition
and Japanese industrial policy, and trade policy in the industrial world.
He has earned awards and honors at several institutions, including Thunderbird’s
prestigious Hacker Faculty Prize for excellence in research and teaching; Research
Fellow in Advanced Japanese Studies, Social Science Research Council and American
Council of Learned Societies; Ameritech Research Fellow, University of Illinois Institute of
Government and Public Affairs; Peace Studies Research Fellow, Cornell University; Highest
Honors in Political Science and Distinction in General Scholarship, University of California,

Prior to joining the Thunderbird faculty in 1992, Dr. Fong, who has lived in the U.S.,
Japan, Taiwan and China, established an enviable reputation as top consultant to such
high-profile clients as the national Academy of Sciences, U.S. Congressional Office of
Technology Assessment, Japan Ministry of International Trade and Industry, also IBM
Corporation’s e-Business Technology division.

He was an assistant professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago and also a Post-
Doctoral Research Fellow at Harvard University’s acclaimed Graduate School of Business

Dr. Fong earned his Ph.D. and his MA in government from Cornell University. He
received his BA in political science and development studies from the University of
California at Berkeley.


Spring 2018
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TGM 577International Organizations
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TGM 575Global Affairs Theory
Fall 2016
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TGM 505States & Markets
Fall 2015
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TGM 505States & Markets
TBX 598Special Topics
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