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For more than 70 years, Thunderbird has attracted students who have career goals that know no boundaries. This innate global mindset is enriched and expanded through experiences with one another at Thunderbird both in the classroom and beyond it. Our students unite and thrive in collaborative study, internships and experiential learning engagements that happen with real partners in real-world settings around the globe. From the moment you arrive, Thunderbird staff, faculty and fellow students provide support and perspective. From career management services to student clubs and organizations, the Thunderbird environment enhances the educational experience while providing social opportunities and cultural enrichment.

Career Services

Your investment in a degree from Thunderbird is an investment in your career. Thunderbird’s Career Management Center is here to help you leverage your experience into the future you want. We help you develop your brand, your tool kit and your connection to prospective employers.

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Student Clubs & Organizations

Student life at Thunderbird is built around social, professional, cultural and recreational activities. Choose from professional clubs, regional clubs or special-interest organizations—or, use that entrepreneurial Thunderbird spirit and start one yourself!

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Financial Assistance

More than 80% of Thunderbird students receive financial assistance through loans, scholarships or other awards. Contact the ASU Financial Aid team at finaid.tbird@asu.edu or click below to see a list of Thunderbird scholarship options and financial aid info.

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