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Undergraduate Advising

Thunderbird Undergraduate Program Advising

Let us help make your undergraduate experience a success!

We want to ensure you are able to make the most of your studies. Our enriching curriculum will help develop your global understanding of different peoples, culture, and management practices. Additionally, there are many co-curricular opportunities your advisor can help you explore while ensuring you graduate on time: studying abroad, securing internships, career development, networking and more.

Your advisor will also answer questions about

  • Which classes meet certain requirements
  • What classes are necessary for graduation
  • Whether you’re on track for graduation
  • Co-curricular opportunities (minors, certificates, concurrent degrees, etc.)

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Internships are an integral part of the Thunderbird undergraduate curriculum. Your internship will build upon and enhance previous course work by integrating an internationally focused, off-campus, vocational experience with curricular components designed to reinforce your understanding of global issues.

All Thunderbird undergraduate students are required to complete a 3-6 credit internship: TGM 494. Students typically complete this in the fall of senior year. Ideally, students will complete an internship in a foreign country while studying abroad. However, students may also satisfy this requirement by completing a local internship that is internationally focused in a meaningful way.

Student Requirements

By participating in TGM 494, students will gain 3-6 credit hours toward their degree, while preparing for their professional career (Note: The Arizona Legislative Internship is 12 credit hours, and The Washington Center internship is 15 credit hours). International students must maintain f-1 visa status for one calendar year prior to beginning an internship. All students are governed by Rules and Regulations of Arizona State University:

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Code of Conduct

Preparation & Deadlines

Internship preparation

  • Please see your academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss how a for-credit internship fits into your major map (you will be enrolled after your internship placement site has been confirmed).
  • Visit ASU Career and Professional Development Services to review your cover letter, resume and interviewing skills. Begin search for internship opportunities.
  • Please allow up to six months to secure an internship site.

Begin search for internship

Students are encouraged to utilize the following resources to secure an internship placement:

Please schedule an appointment with Jason Jacobson, Thunderbird undergraduate internship coordinator, to finalize a new internship site agreement.

All students are required to obtain both site approval and Thunderbird approval on the Internship Confirmation Form.

Download Internship Confirmation Form

Recommended internship timeline

Internships vary considerably in the lead-time needed to confirm the position. All credit-bearing internship providers need to have an ASU Student Placement Agreement (SPA) in place. It can sometimes take 2-3 months for this agreement to be finalized, especially at larger, national and multi-national organizations. Most government (local, state and federal) agencies require at least 60 days to process new hires

Final deadlines for paperwork and enrollment

Deadlines are for submission of all paperwork for new placement sites. All students interested in an internship after deadline will need to intern with existing ASU Partners.

The Washington Center: The Washington Center offers an exciting opportunity for ASU students in ANY major to spend an entire semester – fall, spring or summer – in our nation’s capital, working for government, corporate and private organizations. Earn 15 academic credits while living and learning in DC! A $5,000 scholarship is available to most ASU students. For more information, see https://twc.asu.edu/ and contact Kathleen Waldron at Kathleen.waldron@asu.edu.