Today’s globalized business landscape requires more from executives and professionals than ever before. They must adapt to technological advancements, stay ahead of rapidly changing markets, and make agile decisions in a highly competitive environment. They must also do all these while managing diverse teams and addressing complex global challenges. 

Obtaining the leadership and management skills you need to thrive within such a complex environment is difficult, which is where higher education comes in. An Executive Master of Global Management (EMGM) degree provides critical knowledge and experiences that can be harder to obtain through work alone. 

The EMGM degree program offers a carefully designed roadmap to help you learn, build, and sharpen critical global management and international business skills. Take a closer look at what an EMGM degree is, what you can do with it, and how you can earn it within a year.

What is an Executive Master of Global Management (EMGM) degree?

The EMGM degree is a postgraduate program designed specifically for experienced professionals who aspire to become global leaders. It combines rigorous academic coursework with practical insights into international business and cross-cultural management. The goal of the program is to equip professionals with the needed global business knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace effectively.

An EMGM degree is ideal for mid-career professionals looking to move up into higher levels of management and working professionals interested in international management positions within their organization. It is also helpful for entrepreneurs with a global vision for launching a business or becoming a strategic consultant for international business. 

Skills learned in an EMGM program

While all EMGM programs vary, the general goal is to help participants develop a wide range of skills that are vital for success in transformational global management roles. 

Some of these skills include:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Strategic decision making 
  • Global leadership and management
  • Effective cross-cultural communication
  • Big Data in the global context

Students will also gain a deep understanding of global economic trends, geopolitical dynamics, and emerging markets. It is also common for students in EMGM degree programs to participate in collaboration and team-building activities and projects. 

Career opportunities with an international business and management degree

Upon completing an EMGM program, graduates can explore various career paths and professional prospects. This includes leadership positions in multinational corporations, international consulting firms, global nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. 

Graduates may find opportunities in areas such as international business development, global marketing, supply chain management, international finance, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, EMGM graduates may be positioned for advancement into management positions within their current organization.

How to earn an EMGM degree

Every educational organization has its own standards for admission and program requirements. Typically, you will be expected to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and a minimum number of years of work experience, often ranging from five to ten years. While a background in business or related fields is preferred, individuals from diverse professional backgrounds may also be eligible to apply. 

During the process, admissions committees typically consider a candidate's:

  • Work experience
  • Leadership potential
  • Academic achievements
  • Personal qualities

Proof of language proficiency through the submission of accepted tests such as TOEFL and a personal interview are also often required. 

Can you earn an EMGM degree in a year?

Completing an EMGM degree in just one year is an appealing option for professionals who want to acquire advanced knowledge and credentials quickly. This path allows working professionals the opportunity to pursue educational goals that align with their career goals without giving up the momentum they have worked to generate within their current role. 

Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University offers an accelerated EMGM degree program designed specifically for individuals with extensive executive experience and a strong foundation in business fundamentals. 

Intensive, fast-paced program in a shorter time period

This is an intensive, fast-paced program that allows students to earn their degree in a shorter time frame without compromising the quality of education. It includes a mix of in-person classes, team assignments, virtual collaboration, and hands-on participation in client-facing projects designed to provide real-world experience.

Thunderbird’s  Executive Master of Global Management (EMGM) degree imparts you with essential skills in global leadership, cross-cultural communication, and strategic thinking. It is the most direct path you can take to gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience aimed at preparing you for success in the global business arena. Learn more about earning an EMGM degree in a year from Thunderbird School of Global Management today.


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