The world desperately needs a new generation of leaders. The goal of this course is to empower learners and professionals around the world to be ethical, creative, agile and effective leaders under two critical contextual conditions: the technological transformations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in conjunction with cultural dynamics within and across societies in a Globalized World. This course provides learners and professionals across regions with the “Digital Global” mindsets and skillsets to be successful leaders in the 21stcentury developing competencies in areas such as purpose and vision, ethics and integrity, agility and resilience, innovation and creativity. 

Personal leadership development is optimized by grounded reflection, self-knowledge and continuous learning as we interact with others. Therefore, the personal development part of this course cultivates introspective and skill-building competencies that include conceptual grounding that is based in an experiential learning focus. Discusses self- and other-awareness and engages in group/team interaction, as well as conducts individual self-assessments and individual feedback. In addition to developing ourselves at the personal level, developing ourselves as leaders at the organizational level is imperative to sustainability of the company.

Course content

  • Global leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and anthroprocene
  • Global leadership (and Management) as craft
  • Global Mindset
  • Understanding national culture
  • What is culturally contextual leadership?
  • Leading in YOUR culture
  • Developing your own leadership development action plan
  • Developing and practicing purpose and inspiration
  • Developing and practicing ethics and integrity
  • Developing emotional and social intelligences
  • Developing and practicing power and attractiveness
  • Developing and practicing agility and resilience
  • Developing and practicing innovation and creativity
  • Leading across boundaries, cultures, sectors, geographies
  • Developing your own leadership development action

Faculty curators

Thunderbird Dean and Director General Sanjeev Khagram

Sanjeev Khagram

Foundation Professor of Global Leadership and Global Futures

Mansour Javidan

Garvin Distinguished Professor and Executive Director of Najafi Global Mindset Institute

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