Executive Certificate in Global Business Essentials

Global Leadership and Management Essentials

Single Course Fee: $990
Three-Course Certificate Track: $2,970

CEUs: 3 for each course | 9 for entire online certificate
The continuing education unit (CEU) is a recognized method of quantifying participation in an organized continuing education experience under qualified instruction.

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When your work goes global, you need a well-rounded skill set to be successful in new and challenging environments.

Working in the global marketplace can be extremely exciting. New experiences in new places are both stimulating and a bit disorienting.  The skills provided through Thunderbird’s online executive certificate program will help you understand what to focus on and will help you lead the way to success in what your organization seeks to achieve. 

Real-world benefits
  • Enhanced understanding of tactics for developing competitive advantages by creating customer value.
  • The fundamentals of global marketing strategy and marketing analysis including customer, competitor, and company analysis.
  • The major tactics and tools used by global marketers to facilitate the management of their international marketing plans.
  • Awareness of how to retain the balance between your team’s strengths and weaknesses and how to empower them to enhance cooperation.
  • The skills and strategies for effectively analyzing a capital project across borders.
  • Real-world tactics for extracting information from financial statements in order to analyze the operating, investing, and financing activities of a company.
  • A foundation in the fundamentals of foreign exchange, the parity conditions, and the various foreign currency exposures faced by multinational firms.

Who should enroll

Thunderbird’s Executive Education is geared toward business associates and emerging leaders who require a well-rounded business education.

Potential participants include:

  • Working Professionals — Improve your marketability in today's competitive global marketplace
  • Experienced Executives — Further expand your knowledge in a specific business focus area
  • Potential Degree Candidates — Get a sample of the top-ranked Thunderbird degree curriculum

Program Details

With the Certificate in Global Business Essentials you will develop a well-rounded business skill set to successfully drive actionable global results by enhancing your global business knowledge by successfully completing these three courses:

  1. Cross-Cultural Communication
  2. Managing Conflict with a Global Mindset
  3. Elective Course

To earn the certificate of completion, participants must:

  • Complete all requirements as outlined in each program syllabus
  • Complete the End-of-Course Assessment with a score of 80% or higher
  • Complete the End-of-Course Survey
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Thunderbird’s world-renowned faculty are hands-on professors with real world experience in working with global institutions and in international markets. Cultural nuances, regional regulations, emerging markets and global teams are part of working for an organization that operates globally. Thunderbird faculty help you learn what to expect and how to deal with the unexpected.

Associate Dean, Graduate Programs
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